"O2K Norway AS Provides Specialist Management Services to Companies with Defence or Industry Offset Obligations in Norway"

O2K Norway AS assist our clients through the whole project management cycle;

  • Identification and assessment of compliant offset projects

  • Mapping of client core technologies to Norwegian capabilities

  • Formulation of offset ‘Pre-Approval’ requests

  • Liaison with key stakeholders, such as The Norwegian Defence Agency, FSi, FFI etc.

  • Providing local man-power and management to oversee the completion of offset projects.

What you can gain from working with O2K Norway AS is comprehensive support in all aspects of industrial cooperation management to suit your specific requirements.

Through the Industrial Cooperation (IC) Programme, Norway has created an effective framework for balancing the needs of its armed forces with providing a practical and competitive basis for supporting its defence industry and is compliant with EU offset regulations. 


For many years there has been a close and mutually interdependent relationship between the Norwegian Defence and Norwegian Industry. Aside from the larger companies such as Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Nammo, the majority Norwegian companies in this sector are Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs). However, do not be deceived by their size! These SMEs are technically innovative, commercially agile, and provide the ‘seed corn’ for future employment and economic growth for Norway in this sector. The challenge for all SMEs however, is that to grow and prosper they cannot rely solely on the Norwegian Defence for its business. These SMEs need to get traction in international business through the major platform Global Value Chain. This is where the Norwegian IC programme and O2K Norway can help.


For several years, Norway has awarded offset ‘multipliers’ to encourage foreign primes to engage in technologies that are of strategic importance to its national defence needs. As an incentive to working with SMEs, additional factors are provided thus providing foreign offset ‘obligors’ with a further offset return on the business undertaken. 

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