“Providing Special Management Services to Companies with Defence or Industry Offset obligations in Norway"

Norwegian Industry

Industrial cooperation is a discriminating factor in competitive defence tenders, with over 60 countries requiring industrial cooperation.
Our services are designed to reduce risk and to increase the probability of winning new business. Our products and services arec onsidered essential to any Defence Company
anticipating Industrial Cooperation  requirements.

Werner Fuchs

Werner Fuchs, CEO at O2K Norway AS, with more than 35 years experience in the Norwegian Defence & Security marked can support international companies to find adequate Norwegian companies to reduce their offset obligations and make their programs more economical.

We support Norwegian companies to come in contact with international Suppliers which have offset obligations in Norway. 

Norwegian Industry - Industry

Increasingly, Norwegian industry is investigating the potential for new business opportunities and foreign direct investment through working with defence companies under Industrial Cooperation. Industrial cooperation is a highly legitimate and valuable business development tool for many Norwegian companies.

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